Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can the Student Accounts Office help me with?

Our office can help with student bills, payment questions, and refunds. Our office is located in Duns Scotus, Room 112. No appointment is necessary, but it may be helpful during busy times. We are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays and can be reached by phone at 716-839-8213 or by email at

Where can I find current student costs?

Cost of attendance information can always be found on the website at /admissions/financing-your-education/financial-aid/cost-attendance-budget

What are the billing dates?

Statements for Fall terms are typically produced in July and due in early August. Statements for Spring terms are typically produced in mid-December and are due in early January. Exact dates will be included in student email notifications. Payment must be made in full, or a payment plan must be set up by the due date given.

When will I receive a bill?

Billing is exclusively online through thestudent account. Students will not receive a paper bill in the mail. Students will be notified by the Office of Student Accounts through their e-mail when their bill is available. This notification will prompt them to log into Self Service to view a current billing statement.

How do I get a printed copy of my tuition statement?

Tuition statements can be found online on your My account. They can be saved as a PDF or printed from the Self Service portal.

You can access this by following these steps:
Go to and sign in using your login information
Click Self Service
Click Student Finance
Click Continue to Account Info/Payment Center
Click View On Demand Statement
Choose the semester bill you would like to view from the dropdown box and click Submit
Scroll to the bottom and click Print

What are my payment options?

Payment by cash or check is accepted in the Office of Student Accounts. Payment can also be made online using a debit/credit card (service fee applies) or a bank account (no service fee). offers a 5-month payment plan with a $40 setup fee. With this option, students will make five payment installments.

How do I pay my bill online?

To view a bill:

  • Log intousingthe student's login information
  • Click Student Finance
  • Click Continue to Account Info/Payment Center

Online payments can be made by credit card (service fee applies) or by electronic check (no service fee). Students can set up Authorized Users to allow others to log in and pay directly (see instructions below).

How do I grant access to another person to see/pay bills?

Students can give others (parents, employers, etc.) the ability to access their account information. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), student financial records may not be shared with a 3rd party without the student’s written consent. Adding an authorized user is their written consent that an individual may view their account information and make payments on their behalf. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to a student’s stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.

To add another user, the student must:

  • Log into using the student's login information
  • ClickStudent Finance
  • ClickContinut to Account Info/Payment Center
  • ClickMy Profile > Authorized Users
  • Click the Add Authorized Users tab
  • Add the email address of the person who will be designated as anauthorized user and answer the yes/no questions below, then complete the process

What if my bill indicates that no money is due?

If thebalance dueon your semester bill is zero or a negative amount, no action is necessary.

When are refunds available?

After we have passed the 100% Liability Date, a student may receive a refund when their account shows an overpayment. This may occur when loans, grants, scholarships, or out-of-pocket payments exceed the cost of tuition and fees for the semester. Refunds are processed weekly as needed after the 100% liability date. Students can set up direct deposit payments to receive their refund quicker. Except for certain refunds involving Direct Parent Plus Loans, refunds will be processed to the student.

My bill indicates that I will be receiving a refund. Can this be used to purchase books?

Yes, if a semester bill shows an overpayment under Total Amount Due, this anticipated refund can be used to purchase textbooks via the Bookstore with a book voucher. Students can request a book voucher through the Student Accounts webpage. The Book Voucher Form and Secure Upload Portal where it can be submitted are available at/admissions/financing-your-education/student-accounts/forms.

What is the All Access Pass?

has partnered with Barnes and Noble to provide books to our students through the All Access Pass Program, which is available in Spring and Fall semesters. The All Access Pass is a textbook rental program that lowers the cost of books and ensures students have their required course materials on the first day of classes. The All Access Pass program allows the University’s Bookstore partner, Barnes & Noble College, to purchase materials for all courses in bulk, significantly reducing prices to students.More information is available at/student-life/student-services/all-access-pass-program.

IMPORTANT: All Students are automatically opted into the All Access Pass program upon registration for Spring and Fall semesters. Students will be billed for the required textbooks based on the number of credits that they are registered for.If a student does NOT wish to take advantage of this program, they must take action to OPT OUT by the deadline stated in email communications to them by going to .

When will I receive my 1098T tax form?

If a payment was made during the previous calendar year, notification will be sent in late January to the student’s email when their tax form is available. This email will include a link and instructions to retrieve their 1098T form. No paper forms will be mailed.

Other FAQs

What if I need help with:

Transcript? Registrar: (716) 839-8214 or

Diploma? Registrar:(716) 839-8214 or

Add/drop a course? Registrar: (716) 839-8214 or

Change of name or address? Registrar: (716) 839-8214 or

Loans? Financial Aid: (716) 839-8254 or

FAFSA/TAP/PELL questions? Financial Aid: (716) 839-8254 or

Official High School transcript? : (716) 839-8225 or