If you are a TTI student, information pertinent to your program will be found here:

The forms listed below may be downloaded for your convenience.  Students must submit the completed form to our . For any questions, please contact Student Accounts at 716-839-8213 or via email at student_accounts@daemen.edu.

  • Reinstatement
  • Employer Reimbursement Verification
    • Forms will not be accepted unless completed in full by the Student and the Employer.
    • Forms must be completed each academic year and are due prior to the tuition due date.
    • An acknowledged Promissory Note is required prior to the start of the each term. Log into ٴdzٱ.
    • Tuition that is not covered by Employer Reimbursement must be paid in full, by the tuition due date prior to the start of each term.
    •  Student’s with a “credit” balance (extra funds) on their account may complete a book voucher to use towards books & supplies at our Bookstore ONLY.