Daemen’s board of trustees has full authority to manage and direct the property, affairs and business of the university. These powers and duties include, but are not limited to, the granting of degrees, appointments to and removals from offices, and approval of the annual budget.




  • Martin J. Anisman, President Emeritus
  • Thomas W. Bowen
  • ճdz岵
  • 䲹DZԱᲹٳ-ܱ*
  • Robert M. Chur 
  • Adrian F. Dedecker, Jr.*
  • Dale B. Demyanick
  • Leonard Greenfield*
  • Edward P. Gueth, Jr.*
  • Nedra J. Harrison
  • Peter F. Hunt
  • Donald B. Hutton
  • ٳԴdzܰ쾱
  • William W. Kimmins, Jr.*
  • Charles L. Lumsden*
  • ԲѾԱ*
  • ѾٴDzѾٱ𾱲*
  • Henry J. Nowak
  • Gregory M. Oehler
  • Jean R. Oshei*
  • Joan Ellis Shatkin*
  • .ԲմDz,*
  • Paul A. Willax

* Deceased