The office of Institutional Effectiveness and System Integration oversees a diverse group of administrators who support our university and its mission in a variety of ways.

The office coordinates ░«Ë╚╬´:
  • Assessment (see below)
Our office also oversees:


The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness. Institutional data and assessment findings are also used for external reporting and accountability to various stakeholders.╠řAssessment of Institutional Effectiveness╠řis the overarching plan for and process of using information for planning, decision-making, and improvement in all areas of the university.╠řInstitutional effectiveness involves aligning the goals of individual units with the university mission and strategic plan.

Woman with a blue scarf holding books standing in a row of book shelves
Academic Dept Assessment
Group of people standing in front of charts pinned to a board pointing at the charts
Administrative Unit Assessment